Online shopping has in the recent years experienced a large boom amongst consumers and businesses alike. To tap into this trend, luxury boutiques that were once only available for in-store purchases on upscale streets, have now also branched out online. However, as compared to lower to middle-end boutiques, luxury boutiques are still not as extensively stocked and widely available largely because it does not align with their business model and motto where customers walk into their physical stores and are aided with a private shopper experience.

Luxury boutiques often pride themselves on excellent customer service and shopping experience to their target audience. Regardless, for fashion and luxury lovers, there are still brands out there who are impressive both in-store and on the net, all complete with a great level of customer service and satisfaction. is a luxury boutique that was founded in 2008 in London and is established in nine impressive countries globally. This luxury boutique is unique in the sense that it is a one-stop shop for various luxury brands from across the world. New and upscale designers are also featured which makes it a suitable shopping option for shoppers who crave luxury and a breath of fresh air in design. also sources and ships from their partners across 190 countries in the world, making sure that you get the best of as many luxury boutiques as they can find. The range that is offered by includes men, women and even kids’ luxury fashion.


Like the name suggests, this luxury boutique while similar in concept to focuses on the sales of Italian luxury brands with the likes of Givenchy, Valentino, and Salvatore Ferragamo. Italian is known for offering an extremely wide range of prized Italian luxury pieces from renown designers and retailers who are otherwise only located physically in Italy itself. There are various items sold on Italian, from clothing to accessories and jewelry but none fail to impress in quality and aesthetics. The site also is known for providing a unique customer experience where their professional team is able to assist you in a very knowledgeable way about the Italian pieces that they carry. A true Italian experience!

Featuring various brand names like Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham, and Vetements, boasts a huge number of brands, totaling at 250. Of these brands, many are international ones also, thereby allowing the consumer endless choices. On, there are literally pages and pages of clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories. Both the collections for men and women are equally numerous in quantity., having its own print magazine, is one of the largest and most popular luxury boutiques on the net. A dedicated fan following makes a major player and game changer in this field.


Joseph Ettedgui is no stranger to the world of luxury brands. Having originally been a hairdresser from Casablanca, he quickly rose to become a leader in luxury fashion and has also provided his stellar collections and visions online. Brands like Kenzo were made popular under the watchful eye of Joseph who most notably was the first to market PRADA in London. Under his own brand name, Joseph offers a wide range of ready-to-wear clothing with a strong hint of luxury. Various collections and look books, all available online itself is a key reason why Joseph is an online luxury boutique to remember.