What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Fashion’? The right clothing, quality footwear or the overall getup to be brief are the different components of fashion. Fashion is a unique and often a persistent trend in the manner in which someone dresses. Now when it comes to women, they always want to keep their fashion game one step up.

You will get to know this if you attend a fashion show, for example. You will find many of the female models with luxury design outfits. Designer clothes are a hype today and women are totally obsessed with them.

Fashion trends are constantly changing

Fashion trends are a constantly changing phenomenon among women. They depend upon some basic key factors. Take for example, the colour. Women prefer wearing colours according to the weather. They like dark colours during winters and bright colours during summers. Another factor includes the luxury designs of celebrities. Women tend to follow the fashion trend of their favourite celebrities and hence their fashion statements are deeply influenced by them. Comfort zone is yet another factor that influences women’s fashion trend.

It is true that women want to look stunning and be the center of everyone’s attention everytime, but comfortable clothes are a must for them too. The fashion trends change slowly every time but the idea to wear comfortable fashion clothes cannot be ignored.

Women’s fashion trend

The associated cost is the biggest factor that hits the women’s fashion trend. Not every woman would want to buy those ultra expensive luxury design outfits. You may agree that big brands like gucci, zara, etc., offer quality and fashionable products but they are expensive as well. And it is not that fashion can only be found in the most expensive places.

It can be found in other, relatively cheaper places as well. Here are some of the women’s fashion trends across the globe:

1. Shirt-dresses – Long shirts, which hit the market some years ago, is a classic now. Designers have reimagined shirt-dress with a variegation of cuts and quirks. Drop waists, doublehigh slits, button-downs, etc., to name a few.

2. Kimono-style trench coats – A stylish mix of a traditional kimono, a modern robe and a coat is surprisingly fashionable and is a trend which is well accepted.

3. Culottes – Culottes are special because of their length which makes them tricky.

4. Long vests – Long vests are worn in September, the late summer, with the bare arms, with sweater on cold days, or can be used for a layered look.

5. Saree- Gingham patterns, both small and large, are the trending patterns and also the flamboyant floral pattern.

Other honorable mentions are The sporty look, Trucker jackets, A-line shapes, Gypset, and Cape.